Our Mission

The Poquonnock Bridge Project, situated in Groton, Connecticut, 06340, is a visionary initiative. Inspired by the monumental "Manhattan Project," it seeks to create a neighborhood that enhances the quality of life for its residents through the incorporation of cutting-edge Technology, Aesthetics, and Design principles.

Our neighborhood's unique layout offers exceptional opportunities for harnessing solar and geothermal energy sources to power and heat our homes while fostering a sustainable relationship with nature to cultivate food.

But how do we achieve this? By leveraging various solar technologies and innovative aquaponic vertical growing techniques.

We all desire more control over our lives, and reducing our primary expenses, such as housing and food, can free us to pursue our passions and interests.

In essence, this mission reflects the core values of our nation: freedom and autonomy. Leveraging existing technologies, we can draw closer to these ideals by making life more convenient and cost-effective, enabling individuals to focus on their personal aspirations. It's a harmonious blend of humanity and capitalism.

This website is dedicated to advancing this mission will provide essential information to facilitate the realization of our goals. We warmly welcome any suggestions and encourage active participation from all who share our vision.